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Community Involvement

The Association is founded on the principle of tenant and resident involvement in all its forms: participation, consultation and control. Ultimately we ensure control of the organisation by the community in the form of the annually elected  Management Committee, comprising a selection of tenants, residents and co-opted members. The Management Committee, or Governing Body, therefore represent the community in every major decision taken, including the formulation and review of every strategy and policy. However we also ensure that individual tenants are provided with the opportunity to participate in the decision making and implementation process on a more practical level.

Our current approach to tenant involvement is explained in our Tenant Participation and Consultation Policy and a summary provided in our Tenant Consultation Newsletter 2010.

Equal opportunity and diversity feature in a specific operational target relating to our overall approach to service delivery and resident involvement. We also attempt in our Wider Role and Community Development Plan to involve as many local groups, clubs, organisations, schools as well as individuals as possible in as many activities as we can identify and manage. We manage 20 projects of varying scales within the Plan, although we would admit that it is much easier to focus on DPHA tenant needs, which is perfectly fine other than the fact that we are uncertain of potentially unmet need in the wider community.

We are excited about the next stage of our “equality of access” plan which involves a comprehensive  consultation survey to identify community needs in Dalmuir, and the establishment of a community trust (already named The Beardmore Trust), controlled by DPHA but with a variety of local representatives acting as board trustees. The aim is to widen the impact of DPHA on the wider community with the involvement of a broader range of individuals and groups in a wider number of genuine community-driven projects, and hopefully for these reasons attracting a higher level of grant funding.

Association Membership

For the small fee of £1.00 you can apply to become a member of Dalmuir Park Housing Association. Simply contact our offices and request an application form or click here to download one now.

Return it, duly completed with the £1.00 fee and your application will be considered at the next management committee meeting. If accepted you will be issued with a share certificate.

Your £1 payment is treated as share capital and the certificate is recognition of your rights as a member to take part in all the general meetings of the association.

The issue of the share certificate makes you a lifelong member but does not commit you in any way to personal liability. If you want to find out more about the way the association is run you can request a copy of the Charitable Rules by contacting our offices or download here.

For further information please refer to our Membership Policy.

Governing Body (Management Committee) Membership
If you wish to be nominated to the Management Committee you must ensure that you are firstly a member of the Association. Being a member you can then request a membership form direct from the Association offices or download one here. The nomination form must be signed by you and by any other Shareholding Member together with your name and address. All applications must be submitted via the Association address to the Management Committee.