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Housing Downloads

  1. A Guide to Adaptations (PDF)
  2. A Guide to Alterations and Improvements (PDF)
  3. Chargeable Repairs Schedule of Rates (PDF)
  4. Interpreting Services (PDF)
  5. Information for new tenants and housing applications (PDF)
  6. Contractor Code of Conduct (PDF)
  7. Eviction – What you need to know (PDF)
  8. A Guide to Arrears, Repayments and Legal Action (PDF)
  9. A Guide to Medical Priority (PDF)
  10. A Guide to being a Good Neighbour (PDF)
  11. A Guide to Rent and Payment Methods (PDF)
  12. A Guide to our Allocations Policy (PDF)
  13. Housing Applications – Additional Information (PDF)
  14. A Guide to Keeping Lodgers (PDF)
  15. A Guide to our policy on the keeping of pets (PDF)
  16. A Guide to Reporting Repairs (PDF)
  17. A Guide to Void Standards (PDF)
  18. DPHA Housing Application Form (PDF)
  19. DPHA Equal Opportunities Statement (DOC)
  20. Guide to terminating your tenancy (PDF)
  21. Arrears Information (PDF)