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Please read the questions carefully and answer all the questions that apply to you. If you do not fill in the form properly or give us all the information we need, we may request more information and this will delay your application.

Save Form

If for some reason you cannot complete the form in one go, you have the option to save your details for 30 days. If you don't complete in that time the information you've entered will be lost.


Once you are on the housing list we will write to or email you to give you a reference number and a note of your points total which reflects our assessment of your housing need.


Please keep us informed of any changes in your circumstances(such as a change of address or additions to your household) as this may affect the amount of points you will be awarded.


The Association has a Nominations Agreement with West Dunbartonshire Council which means that some of our vacant properties are offered to applicants on their housing waiting list. It is recommended that you also apply to West Dunbartonshire Council if you have not already done so.


We are committed to equality and diversity and valuing people’s differences. We aim to provide a quality, consistent level of service to all of our customers. We are happy to make any of our information available in other formats and languages. If you need this information in Braille, on audio tape, in large print or in a different language please let us know. We will also be happy to arrange a sign or language interpreter on request. If you need any more advice or assistance our staff will be happy to help.

1Application Type


Joint Applicant

Please provide, if applicable:

Please tick the appropiate box if you are able to provide the document requested at the end of your application

2Information About You


Joint Applicant

3Housing Preference

Please indicate your preferences bearing in mind that the more selective you are with your choices, the longer it is likely to take to find a suitable property.

1. Location

2. Acceptable Floor Levels

3. House Type

Would you consider a single person flat?

Would you consider a furnished accommodation?

4. Do you consider yourself to be homeless? *

If you answered 'yes' please contact the Homeless Section at your local authority to be assessed. For West Dunbartonshire residents please contact 01389 738624 for assistance. If you have already been assessed by a Homeless Caseworker we will require a copy of your confirmation letter.

4Current Household Details

Please detail everyone you currently reside with and who will be moving with you should you be offered accommodation. Begin with your own details.
Name * Sex (M/F) * Date Of Birth * Relationship to Applicant * Moving with you (Y/N) *
If you have children included above, do they live with you fulltime? *

How often do they stay? * (please provide proof)

If any member of your household is expecting a baby, please tell us:
Who is pregnant
When the baby is due (Please provide confirmation of this)
Do you have any pets? *

Please provide details:

Your eligibility for housing

If you or any joint applicant have come to the UK from abroad we are required, under the Housing (Scotland) Act 2001 and the Asylum and Immigration Act 1999, to establish the following:
Are you or any members of your household subject to immigration control? *

Are there conditions or limits to the leave to remain in the UK? *
Please provide details: *

Previous Conduct

Have you or any members of your household, including, visitors, been subject to any court action relating to anti-social behaviour at your current or previous address? *
Please provide details: *

POLICE REGISTRATION: Sex Offenders Act 1997

Are you or is anyone else included in this application required to register with the Police under the Sex Offenders Act 1997? *
Please supply the full name(s) of the person(s): *

5Details of Present Accommodation

Please indicate the type and size of your present accommodation: *
If you are a tenant, please tell us the name and address of your landlord:
Does your accommodation have the following available for your use? *

6Previous Accommodation

Please give details of your previous accommodation for the last 5 years, starting with the most recent


Tenure Type (please select) *

From * To *

If you were a tenant please provide the name and address of your landlord
Reason for leaving:


Tenure Type (please select) *

From * To *

If you were a tenant please provide the name and address of your landlord
Reason for leaving:

7 Health & Disability

Do you, or does anyone that is to be rehoused with you consider themselves disabled? *
If yes, please give details: *
Please state if you have any other needs in relation to the type of property you require. If you, or anyone in your household, has a longstanding and serious medical condition which is being made worse by your housing situation please complete the Medical Assessment questions below.
Which member(s) of your household is (are) affected?
What is the particular health/medical condition?
How is your present home unsuitable?

8Other Relevant Details

If there is anything else you think we should know regarding your application or you wish to add more detail to previous answers, please use this space.

9Equal Opportunities

Please select the ethnic origin for each applicant. Starting with yourself.
Joint Applicant


I/we declare that to the best of my knowledge and belief, all of the information given by me within this application is true.
I/we agree to notify you in writing or by email of any change to the information given by me as this may affect my position on the housing list.
I/we understand that any false or misleading information given or relevant information withheld now or at any time may result in any tenancy granted being terminated or my application being cancelled or suspended.
I/we give permission for Dalmuir Park Housing Association to obtain any information they require from my/our current and previous landlord(s) or other agencies.
I/we understand that the information I have provided will be treated as confidential.
I/we understand that Dalmuir Park Housing Association will not discuss this information with any third party unless I/we have given written permission for them to do so.

If you do not fill in the form properly or give us all the information we need, we may request more information and this will delay your application.

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