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Applying for Housing

Dalmuir Park Housing Association is a community-controlled organisation concerned with improving the housing conditions of our residents.

By modernising and building new houses we have widened the choice of house types and sizes. This is to cater for the different housing needs of both single persons and of larger families. We also provide specialised housing for applicants with particular needs.

Just download and complete an application form here

Who can apply?

Anyone aged 16 or over can apply for a house. You can collect a housing application form from our office, you can download an application form from this site or you can telephone or write into our office and one will be sent to your home. You can also e-mail us to request a form. If you require assistance in completing an application form staff are available to help.

This also applies to our existing tenants who wish to apply for an Internal Transfer.

How does the Association let its properties?

The Association has agreed arrangements. We accept Homeless referrals from the local Council. We have a statutory obligation to accept and re-house these referrals above all other allocations. These are known as Section 5 referrals. This would of course be dependant on houses being available at the time of referral. We have 4 main categories. These are:

  1. Nominations 65%
  2. General waiting 25%
  3. Transfers  10%

When you apply for a house, your application will be accepted and added to a list dependant on what size of house you are eligible for. Acceptance onto the list does not guarantee that you will be housed by our Association.

Indeed, we are now required by law to accept all applications regardless of points.

This means that an applicant with high points may be offered accommodation at some point whereas an applicant with no points may unfortunately have little or no chance of being offered accommodation with the Association in the foreseeable future. You will be informed of your chances of being re-housed at the time your application is accepted onto our list.

Allocations are made to the applicant who has the highest number of points. More information is contained within our leaflet “ A guide to our Allocations Policy .”

Dealing with your application

Once we have received your application, your application will be acknowledged within 3 days and you will receive a further letter within 14 days accepting you onto our Housing list with a breakdown of the points which you have been awarded accompanied by a leaflet with some in diction of what your prospects are of being housed. This will give you the opportunity to contact us if you feel there are any discrepancies or you wish further information.

All information which you provide on your application will be validated by way of a house visit. This will be prior to any actual allocation.

Medical Points

If you have indicated that you or a member of your family suffers from a medical condition which is worsened by your current housing circumstances, you may be eligible for medical points. The self certification form is included within our application pack and any points awarded included in your points total.

Equal Opportunities

Dalmuir Park Housing Association wishes to guarantee equal opportunities for all applicants. We therefore ask applicants to indicate their ethnic origin by completing a short questionnaire with the housing application. This enables the Association to ensure no discrimination occurs against any section of the community.


If you wish to discuss your application or any aspect of our policy, please do not hesitate to contact our office.