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Right to Repair

A Scottish secure tenant is entitled to have a qualifying repair carried out to the house which he/she is a tenant. The types of repair and the timescale (working days) within which they require to be completed are detailed below. A working day is one which is not a public holiday or a Saturday or Sunday. The provisions of the Right to Repair scheme are not intended to replace any existing arrangements that are in place to provide an emergency out of normal working house response to repairs requests. The scheme provides tenants with the right to instruct urgent repairs if the Association has failed to carry them out within a specified period. Small repairs are covered each costing up to the maximum of £350 which, if not completed within a reasonable time, may jeopardise the health, safety or security of the tenant, the public or the property. The landlord may consider that the repair requires to be pre-inspected to ascertain if the repair is a qualifying one. Qualifying repairs are those which are considered to be of particular concern to tenants and likely to cause distress if they are not done quickly.


You have the Statutory right to have small urgent repairs carried out within a set timescale.  The statutory Right to Repair (RTR) was introduced under the provisions within the Housing (Scotland) Act 2001. The Regulations came into force on 30th September 2002.

Further information regarding Statutory Right to Repair can be found here.

Asbestos Information

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